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Cover 50+% of the Belgium eCommerce market in one go!
Bancontact/Mister Cash is the most common card in Belgium. A Bancontact/Mister Cash card with a PIN number is issued when someone opens a Belgian bank account. Customers will be able to pay with this card over the internet, using a unique TAN (Transaction Authorization Number). They just need to make sure their card is enabled for internet purchases.
EUR 0.25 + 1.70%

What is Bancontact?

Bancontact is the market leader for electronic payments in Belgium for both online and offline payments. The Bancontact card is the most commonly used payment card in Belgium reaching 80% of all card payments.
Bancontact uses a debit card that is connected to a Belgian account. Online payments can be made by using the card details and confirming the payment with a digipass PIN or by scanning the QR code with the mobile app.
The payments via Bancocontact are guaranteed and confirmed immediately. Funds will be directly transferred from the customer’s bank account.

How does Bancontact work?

In order to use Bancontact payment method, a customer needs a Bancontact card that is issued when a Belgian bank account is opened. Bancontact payments can only be made in EURO currency.
For making an online payment, the customer chooses to pay with Bancontact payment method. Then he fills the card details on a desktop or mobile optimized payment page and confirms the payment using the PIN number generated with a digipass or card reader device.
The customer also has the possibility to easily pay with the dedicated Payconiq by Bancontact mobile app available both in Apple Store and Google Play.